History: Dr Marcel Saucet

Who am I?

I am a dynamic person and manager who is passionate about my company LCA conseil, firm specialized in Guerrilla Marketing and Innovation Marketing. I am also an associate professor at the University of San Diego, California, USA.

I also surpass myself in whatever I do and like when my students and clients excel themselves in their projects.

Sometimes people can be weary, upset or even bored by this load of energy, but isn’t life worth living for these moments? Living life to the fullest, intensely. Yes, my way of life can bothers conservative and traditional people. But I’m stubborn and always ready to take over new challenges: research in all senses of the word (Feel free to read my researches articles and my books): Teaching that is to say, transmission of knowledge; innovation for the constant questioning; management, because it can let me perpetually undertake.

Otherwise, it is said of me that I am (too) young, bragging, brilliant, innovative and subversive. I share these points of views, except for the bragging nature. People do like me or hate me, in private and in my work. I have never met anyone who had a moderate opinion of me. Some people predict me a great future, others a very soon fall from grace. But all agree on one point: speed in action. That is to say that I would head for disaster or I will succeed, very fast!

Who will I Be ?

What will be my future? When I was younger, I wanted to become a University professor. Today, new challenges are to be faced. I work with students and staff on the following topics: Guerilla Marketing, Innovation and change…

I will follow my career in the United States, a great nation at the forefront of innovation and Marketing Research where I am a research associate at the University of San Diego and consultant for big companies like: Thierry Mugler, United Nations, University of Southern California, Fresc software, Paramount…

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