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Marcel Saucet
Street marketing a luxury brand : Taryn Rose DRESR, with Lena Goldberg and Christine Snively, Harvard Case study, (November 2014).

Dr Saucet and his Harvard colleagues wrote about an experienced and successful serial entrepreneur, Taryn Rose, who enjoyed going outside of her comfort zone. She had been at her desk most of the night checking all aspects of the planned launch of her new venture “Dresr.” The new e-commerce platform was designed to connect online shoppers who ask the question, “what should I wear to…?” with tastemakers who answer that question by assembling and showcasing responsive outfits on a platform that also enabled the online purchase of components of those outfits from multiple retailers with a single click. Rose conceived of Dresr as a single destination for “discovery,” “curation,” and “transaction” in fashion. Equally exciting to Rose was the marketing approach she had developed to roll out the Dresr concept. Fall fashion week in Paris and New York, where high-profile members of the fashion world gather to glimpse what fashion trends will be “in” next season, seemed like the perfect venue to experiment with a “street marketing” introduction of Rose’s third company.

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